Monday, October 26, 2015

Is this the ghost of a pub landlord who hanged himself?

The image appears to show the shadow of a man behind the bar, even though there is no source of light pointing in the right direction.

Ms Taggart, 51, said: 'It was very dark and it clearly is the lurking shape of big person as you can see the head and shoulders, but the only person in the shot was the girl behind the bar and you can see her on the left. She confirmed to us that no one else was there with her.
'There was a kitchen door behind the figure but it is completely obscured by this shadow. None of us could believe it. Quite a few people in our group were shook by the photo and we found it very unsettling.'

She added: 'Despite it being very creepy, I thought there must be a rational explanation. However, a friend of mine analysed the picture and said that there was no light penetrating the shadow, it was just a dense black shape. That was very unsettling.

'This is the one piece of footage we have ever found that we are not able to debunk. There is no explanation that I can think of. There was no one stood there and yet the shape of a person is clear and it is in the same spot where stories say the landlord hanged himself.
During the evening's investigation the team felt sudden cold chills in some areas of the building, and a child's voice was heard at one point.

A spokesman for the Golden Fleece said: 'It is no surprise that people who live and work in the Golden Fleece have some hair-raising tales to tell. In fact several of them have described how their hair was pulled as if by invisible hands.

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