Friday, June 15, 2012

Friendly Ghost caught in jar up for auction.

If you've ever wanted your own ghost, here's your chance.

After causing havoc at Rotorua's Plunket clinic, "George the Friendly Community Ghost" has been caught, kept in a jar, and is for sale on Trade Me.

Apparently George had become a nuisance, playing with lights and stealing biscuits, so he's waiting to be shipped to the highest bidder.

Committee member Caraline Abbott (pictured) had the novel idea during a late-night meeting at the Pukuatua St clinic.

"It's one of those creaky old buildings and I thought 'I wonder if there's a ghost here'," she said.

"It is scary, the thoughts go through your head, even though the chocolate biscuits haven't really gone missing."

Mrs Abbott has sold invisible companions before - at university in England she sold her invisible best friend for £50 ($100) and would love to top that with George.

"We rely on community support so if we can raise a bit of money it's all good for Plunket," she said.

"Even a little bit is quite hard for us to achieve so that's why we thought of the ghost - we're not having to invest anything in it and hopefully we stand to get a bit out of it."

The auction began yesterday morning and by 4pm bidding had reached $20, with Trade Me featuring it as one of their "Cool Auctions".

Plunket community services co-ordinator Louise Perese said all auction proceeds would go towards the general upkeep of the building and to keeping services such as playgroups and music groups up and running.

"We're only able to provide them free because we do a lot of fundraising," she said.

Mrs Abbott said she hoped local businesses would get involved and offered them the bonus of advertising in Rotorua Plunket's next brochure. The mother of two is passionate about Plunket.

"The services I received from Plunket when I had my first child made me want to become a volunteer and make sure everyone got the services I got," she said.

The auction closes on June 23.

Source: New Zealand Daily Post

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