Monday, June 18, 2012

Couple photograph "Ghost Baby" in livingroom

A couple claim their house is haunted after capturing what they believe to be an apparition of a baby ghost on camera.

Shocked John Gore, 43, was taking photographs of his pet cats when he noticed the bizarre outline of a small ghostly figure.

The shape - which looks like a toddler or baby - appears to be stand next to an armchair in the living room of the house Mr Gore shares with his girlfriend Sonia Jones in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The couple have now given the ghost the nickname 'Johnny Junior'.

Neighbours have since told the couple that a baby died from cot death in their home a number of years ago.

Mr Gore and Miss Jones have also noticed the room’s lights turning on and off and the television changing channels on its own in a series of spooky goings-on at the house.

Mr Gore said: 'One of my cats kept scratching at the wall and jumping up in the area and we’re always taking pictures of the cats.

'When we got it through we were surprised to find the little figure just stood by the sofa.

'We have had a few strange things happen before, like the TV kept changing channels and turning itself off.

'I showed it to a lady over the road who has lived here for years. She said somebody who lived in the house before us had a child who died of cot death.'

But the couple have no plans to move and have even given the ghost the nickname ‘Johnny Junior’ and believe it is a friendly ghoul.

Mr Gore said: 'I am feeling fine about it and so is Sonia, it does not bother us as we have nothing to show it is not a friendly ghost.

'I started believing in ghosts after my mum Anne died in 2004, but people always say until you see it you do not believe it.

'It is hard to tell whether it is a boy or a girl, but we have called the ghost Johnny Junior, and it looks to be about a toddler’s age.

'Lots of people have seen it and are commenting on it on Facebook. Some have said it looks like a shadow, but it is such a strong shape of a person.'

Source: Daily Mail

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