Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cape Cod Creature "Real or Hoax" ?

This is a breaking story. Is it an unknown or known species? Is it a well-place gaffe, a construction, a hoax? A closer examination is required. Can you help?

An informant has written and forwarded the following photographs, in hopes of identifying what he reportedly saw this week on Cape Cod.

This was allegedly viewed on a beach on Cape Cod on Thursday morning, May 31, 2012.

It appeared to the witness to be “a very strange, large, eel like, prehistoric looking thing…the crows were eating it…it is about 6 ft long.”

It was left there, and, unfortunately, the photographer didn’t think about taking any samples for DNA.

I know where it is. If there is a Cryptomundian on Cape Cod, who can obtain this body or a sample/the skull, please contact Loren Coleman, immediately, by filling out the form here.

Source: Cryptomundo

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