Monday, June 18, 2012

Compiled list of the of flesh eating attacks

This was compiled by ragiusnotiel at ATS. I thought it was kind of clever and interesting so I thought I would share it with you.

4-17-2012 - Man tried to bite another man, was stun gunned

5-02-2012 - Man bites girlfriends lips off

5-03-2012 - Man bites off another mans ear in bar fight

5-06-2012 - Man kills wife, eats her forearm and dies
5-18-2012 - Woman bites mans ear, stabs him with seashell

5-21-2012 - Police: Man bites woman's cheek in Westchester

5-23-2012 - Cops: Man bites off tip of cousin's nose

5-25-2012 - Woman attacked, cut, bitten by six women in Annapolis

5-26-2012 - Naked Man Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Police

5-27-2012 - Crazed Florida doctor facing charges for spitting blood on troopers during DUI arrest

5-29-2012 - Police: Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw intestines at officers

5-30-2012 - Swedish doctor cuts wife's lips off and ate them

5-30-2012 - Chinese cannibal arrested for 20+ murders

5-31-2012 - Manhunt in Canada for man who dismembered/cannibalized/committed sex acts on another man

5-31-2012 - Maryland man charged with killing, eating man's brain, heart

*** 5-24-2012 - Mao Sugiyama Cooks, Serves Own Genitals At Banquet In Tokyo

Source: Above Top Secret

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