Monday, April 23, 2012

Were REAL "Men in Black" Caught on FIlm ?? (video)

A video on YouTube poses the question: are the "Men In Black" for real? One witness, facing some uncomfortable questions by some strange men dressed like the movie characters, is not so sure the popular franchise is entirely fictional.

And the story gets even weirder.

It seems a hotel owner in the Niagara Falls, Canada area witnessed a UFO in 2008 and reported it to a watchdog organization called API

Investigation of the incident included some personal interviews of the hotel staff, who go unidentified in the report.

During the course of the inquiry, some strange characters showed up at the hotel and were caught on the surveillance camera system. The video below is that footage, played over and over as the witness relates the story of their appearance and conduct.

Not finding the hotel owner at work, the alleged, real-life "Men In Black" asked some uncomfortable questions. But it was their bizarre appearance which spooked the hapless staff on duty that day.

Apparently, MIB aliens are all the same height, wear the same black suits and sport some kind of weird "hat wig" covering their hairless heads.

And, oh yeah, they never blinked their hypnotic, deep blue eyes. Not once.

This video shows that two men, about the same height and dressed similarly, all in black, paid a visit to the hotel at some point. What they did after that is anyone's guess.

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