Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trooper, motorist: Mysterious object fell from sky

The object cast a greenish glow, police said, causing concern that a small plane had crashed. But the firefighters found nothing.

The object could have been a meteor, which glow as they streak through the atmosphere, a police dispatcher said Thursday. 

The Republican-American of Waterbury reported  that a person driving in Litchfield around 2 a.m. Tuesday reported that a green, glowing object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake.

Officials say that about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris.

Morris firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn't find any debris.

Authorities called off the search, leaving the mystery unsolved.

Source: Hartford Courant

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