Monday, April 9, 2012

UFO Filmed From Airplane Over South Korea (video)

April 7, 2012   A classic, saucer-shaped UFO was filmed from the window of an airplane flying over Seoul, South Korea. 

What is it?

As the passenger uses a video camera to catch the view of the city out the window, a saucer-shaped, white-colored unidentified flying object whizzes by, erratically flying in a crazy path. It dips upward for a second before it disappears from view.

The witness is clearly surprised, speaking a dialect which sounds eastern European. In any language, it's clear he is trying to call someone else's attention, but by then it's too late.

There has been a rash of new UFO sightings lately from airplane windows, but this one also has a segment of the video in which the object is magnified and enhanced. It doesn't help identify the object. 

It appears to be bowl-shaped and looks like no known aircraft.

So what is it?

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