Friday, April 13, 2012

NASA UFO Coverup on last Shuttle mission ?? (video)

I thought this was pretty interesting, and it's quite funny to hear the controllers attempt to back pedal in their reasoning of what they are filming. Check out the video below.

Official video from the last shuttle mission has been reviewed and analyzed.

Did NASA coverup evidence of a UFO?

A segment from NASA's live, public feed shows an angle of the Atlantis cargo bay and boom being opened and serviced. The ground controller on the last shuttle flight is describing the action to the audience, and it's all pretty dry stuff.

Until about the 4:30 mark. 

Suddenly the camera pans upward and three orbs appear, flying in the increasingly familiar triangle formation.

As the image plays out, it seems the narrator and other commenters are trying very hard to persuade anyone watching that what they are seeing are random reflections of light off a piece of tin foil. 


Why go to such lengths to dismiss the image as something, anything, other than a UFO? It seems the controllers jumped right into an explanation before any rumors got started. That's suspicious enough on its own.

But the explanation given (unasked for, by the way) is pretty lame. It asks anyone watching to distrust their own eyes.

The objects dance away from each other and don't seem to be caused by a reflection from the lens. They act independently, yet always maintain equidistant juxtaposition from each other.

The objects may not be of the unidentified flying object kind, but it seems strange the NASA people would want to kill the prospects of any UFO rumors cropping up.

It didn't work.

Here's the video. Jump to about the 4:00 mark to catch the segment in context.

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