Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Kind of UFO Spotted in Sweden (video)

A completely new kind of UFO sighting, an unidentified floating object, was caught on tape in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden. What is it?

The object, apparently under its own power and traveling swiftly just above the surface, was filmed by a group of surprised and confounded Swedes out for a leisurely boat ride. The video below is from a Swedish news report detailing the incident. Although it is in the Swedish language, it's fairly obvious what is being said.

A rough translation into English is provided, with military officials speculating, sight unseen, that the object might be a submarine. It's not.

Whatever it is, it's very strange to see. It has a white, bulbous, rounded "head," but is not any kind of sea animal ever spotted before. It's not a fish, and it's not an aquatic mammal. It definitely looks like a machine. But for what purpose?

The UFO skims along the top of the water easily matching the boat's speed of at least 20 knots. It weaves in and out of the boat's wake and doesn't show any signs of a tether. It doesn't seem to be useful for any kind of scientific observation, and it's not like anything ever seen before.

So what is it?

Here's the video:

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