Friday, February 15, 2013

Syfy's "Ghost Mine" star says all Syfy paranormal shows are 100% entertainment.

Ghost Mine's Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman
By: , Bangor Pop Culture Examiner
An anonymous email from a reader on February 13, tipped me off that Kristen Luman, paranormal investigator on SyFy’s newest paranormal reality show “Ghost Mine”, might have something she is trying to hide, but it didn’t stop there. It seems that her partner, Patrick Doyle may have a few things he’d rather not surface either.

According to multiple references, including his own references to his “Haunted Hoax” series during an interview with Sci-Fi Paranormal Radio, Patrick Doyle has a long history with the paranormal, but not as a traditional ghost hunter. Patrick, it seems, is known for his skepticism of claims made by others, including “Ghost Hunters”.

It may come as no surprise to readers that his site no longer exists and that all Haunted Hoax videos on YouTube have been removed. His blog has also been removed, but the information is still accessible in a cached version and features a lengthy post titled “Are you addicted to ghosts?”

The post, dated April 11, 2011 begins with: “My name is Patrick Doyle and I'm an addict. For a third or my life I have researched and investigated paranormal claims.”

Patrick explains that this addiction causes the world of a paranormal investigator to revolve around ghosts and conditions their minds to see what they want to see.
“These sensational encounters and the person's undying commitment to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife have created a dependency -- A need for the chemical rush they receive during intense situations, amplified by anxiety, desire and anticipation.” He continues.
Whether Patrick Doyle has changed his views on his paranormal addiction or if he thinks his experiences on “Ghost Mine” somehow differ from those of other paranormal investigators is unknown. Judging from his own words, it appears that Patrick and Kristen may actually be seeing what they want see, which undermines the premise of the show.

To further complicate matters, Patrick Doyle shared his thoughts on paranormal reality shows during an October 2009 interview on Sci-Fi Paranormal Radio.
"These TV shows are entertainment. It's all entertainment value. It's 100% entertainment. It’s not real in the paranormal field. It's not. It's all just put out there. It's shot, it’s edited, its put together and tied with advertising to get you to watch. And then the networks make the money off the advertising dollars,” says Patrick Dole.
Doyle further elaborates on how he knows the shows are not real.
"[I know Paranormal reality] TV shows are staged because they are getting something every episode. It just doesn't work that way. You gotta [sic] remember they are on a network called SyFy, Science fiction. It's not true."

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