Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sold Ebay painting was returned due to haunting.

This is another item that was sold on Ebay, but this time it was return because it might actually be haunted.

This is from the seller:

Her name is Addie and she belonged to an older woman and was said the they had a long time relationship,and were always talking to each other.She called her,"her Sweet Addie."

When the daughter blew into town about twice a year.She would spend several nights with her mother but insisted that she would cover Addie up because she gave her the creeps and would STARE at her wherever she was in the room.

The people that got a hold of her was at a estate auction that the daughter held after her mother had pasted. 

Told the people that the painting was talking to her and just wanted it gone,sold!

They kept her and saw smoke coming from her and orbs flying around and had checked her out to be 100% haunted!

When I opened the box she came in there were two huge thunder claps, the day was clear and not a cloud in the sky! It was the type that you hear in a haunting.

People out there that have been in or worked with the haunted understand.

I have her on a wall facing me and those eyes are always there,staring.The painting seems to be 1960's to 1970 circa.The head and shoulders are the very size of a woman is a gold framed mirror.

What I have seen her do is to morph her face into some really super strange faces.

This painting was sold by my ex-wife when it was listed on Ebay.The buyer asked to return the painting due to her scaring the buyers wife.I could never put my finger on what the haunting was really about.As the saying goes......There is no room for two women under the same roof! She even screws with me when my girlfriend will not go home.The girlfriend HATES her and swears she is trying to drive her out of the house.So if any of you guys out there want a divorce, she'll leave them running,really.As soon as she was returned my daughter started having night terrors again.This is not a thing to fool with unless you know or collect haunted items.It can be very disturbing at times, even to me and I grew up around hauntings.The painting is 24" x 17

Source: Ebay

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