Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haunted House does not sell in Florida even with written testimony (documents))

Here is a haunted house in Port Richey, Florida that did not sell on Ebay, no bidders. The residents say that the ghost is friendly and the wrote a 13 pages testimony (below) of their experiences.

At least they were honest.

(from Ebay)

The ghost in this haunted home is a friendly male with a great sense of humor. Current renters have submitted a hand written document detailing their dealings with this funny ghost. I have included it in the auction.

This home is presently rented, but after 1-1/2 years of renting the home, they are moving soon to a larger home. 

There is evidence of a very friendly male ghost who appears to have quite a sense of humor.  The present renters have presented a 13 page document, at the request of the owner, detailing their actual encounters with this wonderful ghost.  I have scanned all pages and would be happy to send it to you at your request.

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