Monday, May 13, 2013

One night stay in haunted hotel room up for bid (video)

WINDBER, Pa. — "Just about everybody has a story that comes here ... Hearing footsteps in the hall ... A lot of people mention being touched ... I've seen a chair shift out in front of me and then move to the right."

The former Grand Midway Hotel in Windber has been called one of the most haunted places in western Pennsylvania, with one room in particular that creeps out all of its guests.

The building is now a private home. It's reserved only for friends and family, but 6 News reporter Maria Miller got an exclusive tour of the building on Friday and found out you can, too, if the price is right.

Blair Murphy is an independent filmmaker from Los Angeles. He randomly bought the property with some friends about 10 years ago and quickly turned it into an unusual home.

"There's 32 rooms and each room has a theme. It's a big canvas basically," said Murphy. "I'm an artist and a lot of my friends are artists, so we're cultivating this building into a real landmark. We're trying to, anyway."

But the fixtures and art are not the only things that may look creepy. Murphy said he noticed unusual things happening as soon as he moved in.

"It was creepy and I didn't know why. I was raised in a funeral home. That stuff doesn't bother me," said Murphy. "But for six weeks I didn't understand footsteps I was hearing, TVs were turning on. I mean, I wouldn't believe these stories if I heard them myself, but I went through that and it was very weird."

"(There are) constantly stories about being touched," said Murphy. "I feel like hands touching me. It's very common here."

But there's one room in particular Murphy said outdoes the rest.

"This is it, Room Number 3. They always tell me they have creepy dreams in there," said Murphy. "There's a couple statues in there and there's this nun statue and it turns up in people's dreams and talks to them."

But the building is his home. Since he bought it, the building has never been opened to the public until now.

"I said as a joke we should put this on eBay," said Murphy.

So he did, and within one night, Murphy said it got more than 11,000 hits. The bidding for a one-night stay already passed $250 and will end on Sunday.

"I don't care about the money. It's not about making money," said Murphy. "It was more of just like something fun to let the public in. We'll see where it goes. I don't know. If it works, maybe I'll do it once a month or something."

Murphy said he can't promise the winning bidder a paranormal experience, but he can guarantee a memorable visit.

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 One night stay in haunted hotel room up for bid

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