Monday, May 6, 2013

B and D Burgers poltergeist of Savannah Georgia (video)

Two surveillance videos at B and D Burgers on Congress Street show unexplained events that B and D employees say are just the tip of the iceberg.

“Our general manager Josh will be walking through here and he will hear someone yell “Hey, Josh” and he’ll turn around and nobody is there,” said B and D Burger Employee Michael Rodriguez.

Ryan Dunn of 3D Ghost Hunters and the Low Country Psychic Kelly Spurlock decided to teamed up to see if they could communicate with spirits they believe are in B&D Burger’s basement.

“We have a full spectrum camera that Ryan is using so it will get the whole area, we have grid lights and evp’s, which is electronic voice phenomenon to see if we pick up any voices,” said Spurlock.

Both Ryan and Kelly say it didn’t take long to feel a presence in the room.

“We definitely had some really weird feelings, some high readings on emf, temperature drops and we caught some really dizzy feelings in there as well,” said Dunn.

“We all smelled perfume all at once, which none of us ladies had on and when we mentioned brothel or lady of the night, it suddenly got stronger,” said Spurlock.

After spending more than an hour in the B and D Basement, both the low country psychic and the ghost hunter came to the same conclusion.

“Definitely, we would love to come back at night and set up all of our equipment to get a full reading and see if we can get a lot of good evidence, because I definitely believe the place in haunted,” said Dunn.

“Oh I am certified like 98 percent, there I something here,” said Spurlock.

And surveillance video seems to agree.

Source: The Coastal Source

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