Tuesday, April 30, 2013

French family claims injuries caused by paranormal activity.

(Translated French to English)

At Nortbécourt, when it comes to haunted house, everyone knows what is involved. Mayor Jean-Marie BECLIN, was called out by the family in question. And he says he witnessed these events. "I was occasionally home coffee. And it is true that I have found some amazing things. It all began by throwing stones at the house. "Until now, many thought that acts of a few kids in the village. "We did watch. We never saw anyone."
The mayor even took an egg on the head.

Then the phenomenon has grown. "At home, I saw a chair overturn no one key, oranges flying in the house. "The chief magistrate said there a fortnight, he even took an egg on the neck still in the same house. "I did not even feel like going. This story begins to scare me. "

Other people in the village, which also appear to have their heads on their shoulders, say they have observed the same phenomena. Exasperated by these repeated incidents, the family left the house a week ago. It was hosted by a neighbor. Then collected by the SAMU Social. Not without also spent a few nights sleeping in the car.

The family in question has also called the police. Side of the latter, it is said to have found nothing abnormal. The priest of the neighboring parish have also been canvassed. Last visited, that of an exorcist, sent by the diocese.

Home causes alot of jitters
I bet that it was able to cast out demons, to which Norbécourtois trying for months to find an explanation. There is obviously the most rational, very skeptical about the veracity of this story. Further, indigenous, probably relate a witch, since deceased, formerly lived in this house. A lady can do good or evil, to cast spells. Again, it can make us smile. And yet, the villages are full of these stories.

Fearing that their property depreciates, the owners are, it seems, not very happy to hear these stories. They still have something to reassure. For example, by saying that previous tenants have not indicated their similar phenomena.

Source: La Voix Du Nord France 

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