Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lewd image sent back by Mars rover.

NASA space boffins have been caught drawing a comedy manhood - on the surface of MARS.

The rude drawing has emerged in a series of images taken by one of its rover machines.

The £1.6billion Curiosity rover robot probe landed on Mars in August last year and is meant to be used to examine the red planet's surface in search of life.

The Curiosity Rover has built up a huge fanbase with its own Twitter account with thousands of followers.

It regularly updates its social media page with snapshots from deep space.

The twin exploration vehicles Spirit and Opportunity were launched nine years ago, in an effort to search the surface of Mars for signs of water erosion and possibly even life. 

It's not clear which of the rovers drew the shape, or even when it was made.

The latest pictures beamed back from one of the Rovers show signs that the project's controllers have started to get a bit bored.

One internet user commented: "Who gave the controls of the Mars Rover to Jeremy Clarkson?"

It's been suggested the rude drawing came as a result of the Rover turning in tight circles to find a new route.

Nasa lost communication with the Spirit rover in 2009 after it became stuck in some sand. Meanwhile the Opportunity is still traversing the surface on its way to the Endeavour crater.

Source: The Sun UK

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