Monday, April 8, 2013

UK Mother believes her home is haunted by the ghost of a man called Nigel

A frightened mother is demanding a new home for her and her young family - because she is convinced their terraced house is haunted by the ghost of a man called Nigel.

Housing association tenant Stacey McGill claims a spiritual presence flicks lights on and off, tampers with electrical appliances, moves posters around the walls and causes the floorboards to creak at the property in Loughborough.

The 29-year-old, who moved into the house last December with her partner Carl, 25, and their 18-month-old daughter Chelsey, said a medium she hired to investigate the property confirmed a 'male energy' at their home.

Paranormal investigator Dave Vickers said he felt a ghost run through his body at Ms McGill's home, and told how he allowed the spirit to communicate with the mother-of-one via a scrawled message on a piece of paper. He described sensing the presence of a man aged in his late 30s whose name was Nigel.

Ms McGill said: 'We came back from the shops yesterday and as I went to get some cereal the light went on without anyone touching the switch. It's so unnerving.

'I noticed that something was there when I moved in straight away. I just felt cobwebs all over my skin. I knew it wasn't right. Then Carl said that he had felt the same.

'Next the microwave started going on and off by itself and posters have moved around the walls.

'One morning we were woken at 3am by the sound of maintenance works. It was so loud. But there were no work men, it was the ghost.'

Medium Steve Vickers
Ms McGill eventually contacted Mr Vickers, who has since made two visits to her home with infrared night vision camcorders, EMF metres to measure electrical magnetic frequency, and digital cameras.'

'He confirmed that there is a presence here,' Ms McGill said.

'We were in a flat around the corner before. We didn't have any problems there. I just want the housing association to find me somewhere to live that isn't haunted.

'The last tenant did not experience anything. But some people are more susceptible to ghosts than others. I have felt paranormal presences before.'

Mr Vickers, from TSL Holistic Centre, twice visited Ms McGill's home with Carly Adams from the Female Paranormal Investigation team to examine her claims.

'On entering the house I was immediately aware of energy at the end of the hall way, the energy presented itself as a male, and kept saying "I am at the back",' said Mr Vickers.

'A lot of the activity occurred to the back of the property, mainly the rear bedroom. 

Going up the stairs the male energy made his presence more known, cold spots were experienced.

'I picked up on a man in his late thirties, however his mental age was a lot lower, he was a recluse and was kept hidden away during his younger days by his parents.

'They were embarrassed due to his mental disability.

Ghost writing
'I picked up on the name "Nigel". He eventually turned to drink to forget his own fears of life.

'This spirit energy means no harm to anyone and will not harm anyone. Further investigations into the haunting may be needed,' Mr Vickers concluded.

It was during the medium's second visit that he sensed that the spirit wanted to communicate, he said.

'I allowed the spirit to use me as a medium and give any messages through writing. This was carried out in the dark. I sat with paper on my lap and pen in hand in the dark while turning into spirit.

'I pictured Nigel in my mind and my hand started moving the pen.

'Although when we examined the writings things are hard to make out, both Carly and I felt he meant no harm.

'I conveyed love and light to him and told him that he had nothing to fear and that he was free of those hurtful feelings.'

Mr Vickers found that the posters and creaking floor boards could be explained by natural occurrences.

Graeme Stewardson, head of housing at East Midlands Housing Association, said: 'We are aware of the unusual activities reported by Ms McGill and have listened to her concerns in a sensitive manner.

'We understand that she has previously sought advice from specialists in this field. We will continue to offer Ms McGill our support and advice as a landlord.

'There have been only three tenants, including Ms McGill, in the property in the last 13 years, and we have not had any reports of this nature before.

'As far as we know, the house does not have an unusual history.'

Source: Daily Mail UK 

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