Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pennsylvania keeps brewing beers and ghosts

Hundreds of German immigrants opened breweries in their American communities during the 19th century. In many cases, the brewmaster and his family lived in a hotel or boardinghouse beside the brewery and served meals to travelers.

Some famous beer brands started this way. Do the names Coors, Miller and Busch ring a bell?
Most brewers disappeared during Prohibition or modernization, rendering the small-town hotel/brewery business model obsolete. Only one such enterprise remains in America, and it has been fascinating visitors for decades: Bube's Brewery, 102 N. Market St., Mount Joy.

"In a modern way we're trying to make this work. I think this is neat," Allen said. "They brewed beer; we're brewing beer. They had a restaurant license; we have a restaurant license. They had a hotel license; we have a hotel license."

About two dozen people -- primarily employees -- have reported seeing a ghost on the premises. The most common sighting is a young woman that is believed to be the granddaughter of Alois Bube, according to Allen.

The hosts of the popular "Ghost Hunters" show on the SyFy Network spent a few days at Bube's in 2012 and confirmed that paranormal activity exists. Allen hasn't seen anything unusual, but he's keeping an open mind.

"If 25-30 people have seen a ghost, and it fits the general description -- but I haven't seen it -- I've got to think something's going on," he said.

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