Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ghostly apparition photobombs fishermans catch

THERE are spooky goings-on after the unexpected appearance of a ghostly apparition in a pond with a “grim past”.
Angler Wayne Foulkes was fishing at Ponciau Pool on May 9 when he landed one of the biggest carp in the water.
He was so pleased with his catch that he took a picture of the proud moment with the fish.
But when he looked back at the image he was shocked to see the appearance of a ‘face’ in an orange glow in the dark watery background.

Fisherman and villagers in Ponciau are at a loss as to how the face, which resembles a ghoulish orange goblin peeking over Mr Foulkes’ left shoulder, came to be there. 
But Mr Foulkes said many believe it really could be a spirit.
The 34-year-old said: ”It’s pretty scary isn’t it?
“There’s some history to the pool, a couple of people have passed away there, and its only adds to the story – people really believe it’s a spirit.”

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Coin Finder said...

dark parts are part of the tree. great illusion though! case closed :)