Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Ghost doctor" caught on camera lurking in a derelict hospital

A terrified ghost hunter probing a 'haunted' derelict hospital was horrified to see the spectral figure of a doctor lurking in one of her pics.

Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, was exploring the empty corridors of St Thomas's Hospital, a former Victorian workhouse, in Stockport, when she took eerie photo.

The decorator was so unnerved by spooky footsteps above them - even though the building has no working stairs - that she and her team of amateur ghost-busters didn't check the image at the time.

The paranormal enthusiasts ran from the building in terror, but when Ms brown developed the photo later she found a chilling surprise - a spectral doctor lurking in the background.

She said to The Sun: "It freaked me out.

"It's standing in a lift shaft. It's really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards the area where the ghost was.

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