Saturday, July 29, 2017

Camerman claims a ghost scratched his back (video)

THIS is the creepy moment a cameraman claims he was shoved by a ghost in a haunted house.

The filmer was recording inside Portsmouth’s Fort Widley when he reckons he encountered the ghoul
Holding the camera, he suddenly shouts: “Something’s touched me!

“There’s something touching me, something touched my back.

“It f***ing hurts. I’m shaking, I’m shaking.”

One bemused colleague tries to laugh off the episode but the spooked out victim remains unsettled.
He adds: “Something has pushed my in my back and it feels sore. It really hurts.”

When the colleague checks his back, he discovered three scratch marks.

He says: “They’re on there. Three scratch marks on your back going diagonal from your ribs to your spine.”

A now terrified victim replies: “F*** off. You’re kidding me, no.”

The cameraman then left the building in a bid to compose himself after the supernatural scare.

The imposing Fort Widley was an army barracks from the Victorian era until the First World War.

Source: Sun UK

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