Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Creepy footage shows doors banging in Haunted Morgue in Brazil (video)

This video apparently shows a poltergeist at work – and is quite possibly the most spine chilling video you’ve watched in ages. 

The footage, which has been terrifying the Internet witless, was said to have been been shot in former morgue in Brazil.
The men walk down the creepy, badly lit corridor while a door bangs open and shut
Then as they approach, the door stops slamming open and shut
The clip is filmed from the point of view of what appears to be a security guard who is clutching both a torch and his camera phone.

He is shown following another man as they both walk down what looks like a badly lit corridor.

Meanwhile a sinister banging noise can be heard. 

As they continue on slowly, the viewer cannot be sure what is happening – mainly because the light ahead is defective and flickering. 

But as the men walk further forward it becomes apparent that a red door is slamming open and shut. 

Yet, terrifyingly, there seems to be no-one about.

This video was shot at a “Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents” in Brazil.

 Source: The Sun UK

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