Friday, June 12, 2015

Mysterious ghost light or ball lightning during good weather (video)

ball lightningAt around 4am in Zaporozhye in Southeast Ukraine, a mysterious ball of light appeared on the CCTV footage of a synagogue.

The strange orb was discovered by rabbi Michael Oishie who upon looking at the CCTV footage discovered that something was amiss. No wiser as to its origins, the rabbi then shared it on Facebook:
While we're absolutely stumped about what it could be, some have postured that the orb of light could be a UFO or ghost, others have suggested that it's a infrared light beam that's being fired at the camera.

While scientifically plausible the infrared option doesn't really correspond to the way the orb moves around the camera in three-dimensional space.

Instead the most likely explanation is that it is in fact an ultra-rare occurrence called 'ball lightning'.

Known throughout the ages as a common explanation for UFO sightings, ball lightning appears very occasionally during lightning storms and can appear in the form of a small glowing ball of plasma/electrical energy that lasts for up to tens of seconds.

They're almost never seen and impossible to measure as no one really knows how to recreate them in a laboratory environment.

Mystery solved? Sadly not as locals report that there was good weather the night of the event let alone a lightning storm.

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