Sunday, April 5, 2015

Poltergeist Reboot Director claims film location is haunted

The director of the upcoming Poltergeist reboot is keeping the infamous 'Poltergeist curse' alive and well.

Director Gil Kenan said he and his crew experienced strange phenomena during shooting.

"The location for the house, during shooting, I chose because it had a strange and unnecessary field that the houses of this particular community were built around", wrote Kenan. "And we found - throughout production - that we had persistent and repeatable equipment field only on that strange plot of land.

"For instance, lights that could turn on anywhere else in the neighborhood would blow out the second you'd try to light them on this plot."

Kenan confessed to being too afraid to find out what the land used to be, but revealed that they           filmed outside of Toronto.

"Somewhere between Buffalo New York and Toronto, Ontario, in a town called Hamilton".
Far more disturbingly, Kenan believes (or at least pretends to believe) that he and his crew were haunted by a ghost in the house they rented for shooting.

"The house that I rented during filming was straight-up legit haunted by a female spirit dressed in black.

"And I became aware of her within the first few days of staying in the house. And only after I left did I
receive a call from the previous owner, who had moved back in, who was terrified by the goings on in the house, and wanted to see if I had experienced any of it. So it was an incredible real-life inspiration for filming that followed me home.

"Well, I mean, she definitely was there. It didn't follow me back to Los Angeles, but it followed me from set back to where I was sleeping during filming."

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