Friday, April 17, 2015

Man spots ghostly face in photograph taken at museum

One visitor to the Galleries of Justice Museum believes he could make out a ghostly face on the right hand side in front of a framed portrait.
And even staff at the Lace Market tourist attraction – who are used to regular "ghost" sightings – think there could be something in it.

The image was taken by Matty Bamford, who visited the Dr Massey exhibition about crime and punishment about a year ago.

It was only when flicking through his archives this week that he noticed the eerie figure and sent it to museum staff.

Deputy marketing manager Faye Rollinson said: "I couldn't see anything at first but I wasn't looking in the right place.

"Matty sent it again with a circle around it and I could see a face.

"I was looking on my phone so I zoomed in and you can see what looks like an old person's face with sunken eye sockets and grey hair."

Ms Rollinson said the museum receives up to 10 photographs a year from visitors who believe they have spotted a ghost.

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