Monday, March 9, 2015

Owner wants to turn Infamously Haunted Waverly Hills asylum into hotel (video)

The ink is barely dry on a zoning application and development plan to transform the famed, and supposedly haunted, Waverly Hills into a hotel and conference center with a bottling and restaurant facility.
The application begins a lengthy process, but the reaction to the idea has been quick.

Over the years, Waverly Hills has gone from ruin to beautifully restored. Now that there is talk of making it a hotel and conference center, the question is; if they build it, will they come?

"Well, it's neat. It's a part of Louisville's history, so it's something interesting to go see and be a part of," said James Blevins, who wants to see Waverly built into a hotel.

"I think it will draw a lot of people and a lot of attention just for the so-called fear factor," said Jenny Garrett, who also wants the hotel built.

And that's surely what the owners of Waverly Hills want, as they have just submitted a zoning application and development plan to change the use of Waverly Hills.

"In order to run a hotel, convention center and bottling facility, they are going to need to change the zoning on that site," said Connie Ewing with Metro Planning and Design Services.

And it's a long, five-month process for the 50-plus acres involved in the plan. A plan that includes adding sidewalks, blacktop, parking lots, new utility poles plus additional sewer and water usage that will need Metropolitan Sewer District and Water Company approval.

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