Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another sighting of ghostly woman in a floral dress in England

A third person has come forward with details of ghostly sightings in the village of Bretby.

Matthew Roberts contacted the Telegraph after we carried two stories about a woman in an old-fashioned floral dress being seen in the village by two separate readers. The readers believed they had seen a ghost.

Matthew said: "I used to work on Bretby Business Park a few years ago and heard several stories while I was there about a ghostly woman in a floral dress.

"The first story I heard was about a woman wearing a floral dress who walked up to one of the security guards and asked for directions to Stapenhill. It was before Christmas and the weather hadn’t been very good.

"She was very pale and had jet black hair. The guard gave her the directions and asked if she was OK. She looked very cold and was dressed strangely for the weather.

"The woman then simply turned around and walked off without saying anything. When they were looking at the CCTV sometime later the guard could be seen but there was no sign of this woman."

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