Tuesday, December 16, 2014

UFO spotted over The Statue of Liberty (video)

‘Of course, there's always the possibility this was a real UFO sighting,’ reported the Examiner.

‘Silver orb spaceships are the latest trend, along with triangular aircraft performing amazing aeronautical feats.

‘So far, this UFO sighting seems to be the first incident catching a pulsating black orb UFO on video.’

On the video Mr Kensington explained how his wife and sister filmed the UFO while they were visiting New York City. He said the shaking was due to her being ‘freezing from holding the camera for so long with no gloves. He continued: ‘She said at first she thought it was a balloon but it stopped all of a sudden and stayed in one place for a while. ‘She also ran out of disc space hence why the footage suddenly stopped. ‘What the hell was this guys. Please tell me someone else got this on video to [sic].’

While the prospect of this being an alien spaceship is alluring, the real answer is almost certainly that it is actually a solar balloon A solar balloon is a black or dark object that gains buoyancy by being heated by the sun’s radiation. Heat inside the balloon expands as it is heated, causing it to rise as it has a lower density than the surrounding air.

Some have suggested that solar balloons could be used to explore Mars quickly and easily some day in the future. But for now they are only used on Earth - sometimes to perform experiments in the sky.

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