Thursday, December 18, 2014

Katie Price, a former model, says her house is haunted.

 Katie Price thinks her house is haunted.

The former model wants to call in a medium as she and her husband Kieran Hayler keep hearing unusual sounds and smelling strange scents so she is convinced there is a spirit in the property and she doesn't want to upset it while the building is being renovated.

She said: ''Kieran keeps smelling cigarettes and I Googled it and spirits normally smell of smoke and flowers.

''I am getting a medium in. Because we're knocking things down, we're disturbing the spirits. I am 100 per cent sure there's a ghost.''

However, not all the mysterious goings-on can be attributed to a ghostly encounter.

Kieran said: ''The other day Katie woke up at 4am swearing blind she could hear a ghost but it turned out to be Kevin the dog outside our room!''

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