Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Haunted Schoolhouse in Barnegat, New Jersey (video)

BARNEGAT, N.J. – Little evidence of life remains inside the Elizabeth V. Edwards School. The building has remained mostly vacant since its last class of students left in 2004.

But some school officials believe the building — which served as both a high school and an elementary school since its completion in 1930 — is still inhabited by something, or someone, otherworldly.

"It's always just been kind of mischievous," said Bill Cox, transportation and security coordinator for Barnegat schools, of the supernatural experiences. "We don't know if Lizzy (Edwards) is haunting the school, but if she is, she's a good ghost."

People who've worked in the building in years past say the "good ghost" — and maybe a few of her late colleagues — pass the time slamming lockers, turning lights on and off, and playing 1940s music for no one in particular. The Edwards School's ghostly reputation has attracted the attention of the Syfy network's Ghost Hunters, famous for investigating suspicions of paranormal activity across the nation.

Art Walshe, a maintenance worker in the school district, thinks the haunting might be authentic. He said he saw an apparition — the image of a translucent woman wearing a floral print dress with her hair piled up high onto her head.

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