Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Does a ghost haunt the Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana (video)

NASHVILLE, Ind. - Halloween is just over a week away and one Indiana business is taking advantage of the spooky atmosphere.

The ghost story behind Nashville’s Story Inn dates back to the 1850s when the property was deeded by the government to local doctor George Story. Story later moved to Illinois, but some guests say his wife, the "Blue Lady," has been there ever since.

"Guestbooks going back to the 1980s -- before there was an Internet, before people could talk about it, before Facebook, before they could blog about it, before we had every ghost tracker society doing studies up here -- we had people writing in those books from years apart giving consistent reports of seeing the same phenomenon," owner of the Story Inn Rick Hofstetter said.

Hofstetter is a self-professed skeptic, but he said that visitors have come from all over, hoping to catch a glimpse of the "Blue Lady."

Bar Manager Dani Ham tells all of her guests that there is no need to fear the lady in blue.
"These are happy spirits, this is their home -- they wouldn't harm anybody. I do believe that it is the 'Blue Lady,' I truly believe she is a prankster," Ham said.

Whether she is a prankster or the joke is on all those who believe -- that is up to you to decide.

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