Wednesday, July 3, 2013

UFO sighting in Highland Lakes, New Jersey, brothers neck of the woods.

While checking out this website called UFO Stalker, I saw something kinda cool. It seems that there have been a UFO sighting, on June 13, 2031, in my brothers neck of the woods, the Highland Lakes of the New Jersey area.

I know the area well, and while I wanted to correct the spelling, I get the idea, that alcohol may have been involved.

Now do I believe in extraterrestrial life ?, yes... have they visited New Jersey ?,..well it is NJ and lets just say on a couple of occasions,.. I've seen some things in the sky that I still can't explain. And 9W in the Northeast part of the state is known for being kind of odd and haunted. Maybe I'll tell you the story someday, it'll short but it will be honest.

I have also added UfO Stalker to the links on this blog, so this way you can check out and sightings in your area, and, if you have your own, add one if you like.

Below is the quote from the witness, and if you click the bottom of the article it will give you more specific details.

But for now,... you be the judge.

Quote from witness:

I have seen this craft a number of time's leaveing the water of Canistere Resovour, as I drove east on canistere rd at dusk . I have also seen a number of times Black or gray ford F150's with all Blacked out window's no plate's, parked along side of the road at the same times that do not belong in the area. I have lived here for 50 yrs and know the basic car's and truck's from our naborhood . we do have Picatiny arsenal on Rt 15 in oak ridge Nj. that recently built a large sight tower in the same area without reason and also they have built a very large amount of wiring from the main power grid tower going under ground hard to explain with out looking at them the craft looks like a peramid shape with a rough black texture very very large with red marking lights at the outer edge's I have seen this craft a number of times in the last few yrs as it leaves the resovour I hope this is of help .

Source: UFOstalker 

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