Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Kentucky museum of the paranormal, unexplained and bizarre (video)

Van Lear, Ky. (WYMT) The world beyond our veil of perception is a subject that fascinates, captivates, and sometimes frightens. Whether you believe in this alleged phenomenon or not, its impact on pop culture is undeniable, which is why this man has opened an attraction to celebrate it.

“Well, I've always been into the paranormal and the strange my entire I said why not open a business that gets my collection out into the public eye,” said Eli Harrington, owner of the East Kentucky Museum of Mysteries.

That collection contains some of the most bizarre artifacts imaginable, from an extensive collection of spirit photography and coffins, to a functional gallow. Harrington's passion for these things is obvious, one he shares with his fiancé'.

“He's more of the expert on it than I am. I'll ask him questions like could this be that or propose's kind of a teamwork thing. Mulder and Scully-ish in a way,” said Kyrie Fawke.

“I just want to point out the thing behind me, this is an actual vampire protection kit from the 1800s preserved with a wooden stake, a cross garlic,” said WYMT reporter Eric Eckstrom.

There really are countless oddities to be found here. Harrignton says that while he wants the experience to be fun for all who come, he believes it will also tap into something deeper concerning our nature.

“Everyone is some way is fascinated by the unknown and people need a little bit of mystery in their lives. People actually seek the's what makes life more interesting,” Harrington said.

For my information on the museum, you can visit them on Facebook at East KY Museum of Mysteries

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