Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sandy Hook: Unfortunate Tragedy or Elaborate Government Conspiracy ?? (video)

(from For Liberty Sake: written by Daniel J. Fortune) Could national tragedies be nothing more than governmental conspiracies staged in order to disarm American citizens???

Since the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, many people/videos on YouTube have surfaced that challenge the typical story-line perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Following videos challenging the ‘lone-wolf’ shooter theory, some have come out fully discrediting the traditional Shandy Hook narrative. Among those is Ben Swann of Reality Check who is up to win the Shorty Award in Journalism. There are even videos and theories that insist Sandy Hook was staged and is part of some large government conspiracy.

Here is a list of some of the more popular videos and theories currently floating around regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Alex Jones’ released a video asking what happened to the 2nd shooter.

The IdahoPicker produced a video that has received nearly 350,000 hits. He makes the point that there is a connection between the Colorado theater shootings and Sandy Hook. He also challenges the one shooter narrative as well.

The most recent and rather convincing video produced is made by a graphic designer who analyzes the photos of the Parker family involved in the Sandy Hook tragedy and makes the case that there is undeniable proof that the photo of the Parker family is something more insidious as it is photo-shopped.

One of the most popular YouTube videos seriously questioning the feasibility of the Sandy Hook tragedy all together was uploaded by Gr8PaintDotCOm. His video has received nearly 18,000 views to date. He goes on to make the point that he thinks Sandy Hook “is one big movie set.”

These videos have received their fair-share of criticism, but they also have some people applauding the whistle-blower efforts surrounding Sandy Hook. Whether we want to believe that tragedies like these are nothing more than a conspiratorial scheme to take away citizens guns or not… we can’t deny that there are some rather odd inconsistencies surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting.

In the mean-time, I pray for the victims and their families of Newtown Connecticut, and just in case, I pray for the repentance of those who might stage such a thing.

Source: For Liberty Sake

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