Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mysterious UFO filmed during US flight (video)

A weird, "fist" shaped UFO was caught on video by a passenger on a flight from New York City to Houston on Dec. 19.

The unidentified flying object does not appear to be a reflection from inside the cabin and changes shape, even disappearing suddenly, during the startling two-minute video posted to YouTube on Thursday, Dec. 27.

The YouTube channel owner writes that the video has been forwarded to the FAA for analysis and asks for patience as the object is studied.

According to an article published by Ghost Theory on Thursday, Mauricio Ruiz states, "The actual footage in its original content was sent to the FAA for further review. UFOlogist and investigators please be patient. Let FAA do their review in fairness to all. Thanks."

The UFO itself is of a type possibly never filmed before. For most of the video the lustrous, rounded object flies alongside the jet, maintaining relative distance and speed. This in itself is unusual as aircraft are usually separated by a mile or more for safety reasons.
The object looks metallic and resembles a closed fist encased in a glove. It suddenly disappears from view before it is seen again, this time appearing to dip its wing and steaming a steady, flaring light.

The passenger filming the event proves the object is not a reflection by passing his hand over the image. It can still be clearly viewed through his fingertips. This sighting is one of the most unusual in a year filled with strange events, possibly even being the most unusual of the decade.

So, what is it?

Source: Examiner

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