Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ghost appears on XBOX 360 Kinect

I thought that this was interesting article and if the KINECT could be used for ghost hunting. Ghost hunters do use IR cameras to pick up paranormal anomalies, and the Kinect also uses an IR camera

This story is from KOTAKU
Okay, my sister was telling me about her friend who has a Kinect. One night recently she was playing it (not sure what game though) with her son and after some time the son ends up going to bed but the mom continues to play and at some point while she's playing the Kinect picks up on another body... When there is no one around but herself. Immediately she turns it off and goes to her bedroom.
Now, I somewhat believe in ghosts and I'm thinking to myself, "Can the Kinect even pick up on something that isn't physically there?" So I'm trying to think of away where this situation would end up happening. Or does the Kinect need to be hacked so we can communicate with otherworldly spirits?
Avatar for Mike Fahey Mike Fahey  In today's spooktacular edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter HeyCarl relays the twisted tale of the Kinect player that wasn't there.

The link above goes to a site, called Above Top Secret, were members are other experiences with creepy Kinect Ghosts.

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Arno Nymos said...

They have the Kinect disconnet and connect when a "ghost" appears?
No? That could be a problem.

Users, Groff etc., Please disconnect and connect the Kinect in the Windows software “Kinect Studio” if there is a skeleton.
That needs only one or two seconds, and two clicks in "Kinect Studio".

I also had a stickman in Windows "Kinect Studio" after minutes in a living room on the big (to the ground) terrace windows. Disonnect and connect, and the stickman is “gone”.
Effort of a second and two clicks…
And Xbox users could do the same with the whole kinect. Or (crash?)?

Now we need a “ghost hunter” at known strongly haunting places, and if there appears a stickman, disconnect/connect.
And the redundancy of kinect in combination with thermal image, and over the area distributed EM meters with alert (for example “REM-Pods”).
And EVP recording at the same place.
If we could show that the Kinect can not be used for Ghost Huntung, this is also good. Busting this myth would not busting the existence of paranormal phenomenons, "Ghosts"...

And a second verification, two or more Kinect at the same time and place. Top/bottom.
If you see a "Ghost" over Kinect one, but not over kinect two, it seems like a error.

Btw., is it possible to flip the image horizontally?
It is mirrored.