Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friendly Ghost lives with a family in Lamar, Missouri

There is nothing unusual about the house that you would notice in driving by. It is just a typical older home — built in the early 1950s — on a residential street in Lamar, the town that is probably best known for being the birthplace of Harry S. Truman.

It has obviously been well maintained over the years, but it has that pleasant appearance of being preserved rather than brought up to date repeatedly in order to keep pace with architectural fads and fashions. Those passing by would never dream that it has a rather unusual feature.

The couple who lives there is sharing their home with a rather active, but not at all frightening, ghost.

Bill and Mary — not their real names — have lived there for more than 10 years now and became aware of their spiritual housemate during their move-in.

“What I think is funny is that the old farmhouse we lived in before moving here looked like it ought to be haunted, but nothing ever happened there. Then we bought this one, and it is the exact opposite. We were still moving in when Bill began hearing footsteps down the hallway when we were both unpacking boxes in the living room, and when he mentioned them, I heard them, too. Then on about the third or fourth load, we were unloading the pickup when Bill told me to look at the picture window, and when I did, there was a man standing in the living room watching us. There wasn’t any question of it being a real live intruder. He was hazy looking and you could see the wall across the room right through him. I could tell, though, that he had on what looked like jeans and a flannel shirt.”

Their guest, or as Mary said, “maybe we are the guests,” is rather active, but has not shown any sign of being anything but curious and benign.

“This is not one of those horror movie hauntings,” Bill said. “It is more like he is watching over us than anything else. But for some reason, he seems to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We have actually seen him in there maybe four or five times now, and on two occasions the toilet has flushed when there was no one in there — no one living, anyway. Once it was in the middle of the night and once during the day. I don’t have any idea what that is about.

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