Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pub ghost captured on film throwing glasses (video)

Owner Nick Bevon thought he had been burgled after discovering glass strewn across the floor when he arrived at the Bassa Villa pub in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

But he got even more of a fright when he reviewed security footage - only to discover the glasses were moving ON THEIR OWN, hours after the pub had shut.

Mr Bevon, 33, said the creepy CCTV clip was not the first evidence of supernatural goings-on at the now infamous venue, which has developed a reputation for being haunted.

He said: "I just turned up for work on Saturday morning and opened up as usual with the assistant manager when I noticed the smashed glasses on the floor.

"I thought: 'How did that happen?' because I knew the place would have been left tidy the night before.

"I wondered, had someone maybe been in the bar, so I reviewed the CCTV cameras and there is was at 1.43am.

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