Sunday, July 12, 2015

Has construction awoken ancient spirits in UK theatre (video)

RENOVATION work at the Palace Theatre has revealed more than just marble floors and hidden fireplaces – it’s also roused a few ghosts.

 That’s the belief of some volunteers and contractors who are tackling the huge project after security footage – hoping to catch any vandals or unwanted guests – instead picked up the strangest of sights.
Footage snatched from a camera set at the foyer of the Union Street building, currently undergoing renovation by the GO Palace charity, shows strange lights and weird objects which have so-far baffled all who have viewed them.

A member of the Palace Guard, who asked not to be named, said the footage was taken in the early hours of both Tuesday and Wednesday last week – at exactly 3.14am.

The guard said: “We have put security cameras up in different locations around the theatre and the one at the foyer is to ensure no-one enters the building day or night without being seen.

“It’s set so if there is movement on the camera, I will get a ping on my mobile and it kept going off at 3.14am.

“What I saw was very strange. Actually my first thought was ‘oh my god, what’s that?’ Everyone who been working at the theatre has seen it and even the most sceptical amongst us have struggled to explain it.”
The guard said the first footage appears to show something like a “light-sabre” flashing across the lens “but the edges are so sharp and clear”

“It is definitely weird, but then there’s some weird tales about this place, which is why ghost-hunters want to keep coming down here.”

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