Friday, November 7, 2014

Ghostly figure terrorises staff at council building in Boston

Poltergeist activity is said to be taking place at council offices in Boston - with staff reporting the presence of a ‘shadowy figure’ and objects being thrown about.

One member of staff at Boston Borough Council’s 110-year-old Municipal Building in West Street is refusing to work alone in an office there, unless the door is propped open.

Four female staff at the environmental operations office have reported the ghostly goings-on.

These have included a shadowy figure appearing behind them, then disappearing, glass thrown to the floor, a kettle switching itself on and disk drawers on PCs opening when they are switched off,

Staff in the adjoining building control officer heard Kayleigh Wagg scream when she turned from making herself a coffee to be confronted by a shadowy figure which was standing behind her. She had been alone in the office at the time.

“I sometimes get a creepy feeling and there are cold spots in the office,” she said. “I turned from the fridge after making a coffee and in front of me was this dark figure. I screamed and it just disappeared.

“The office is often really cold even though we have good heating. I don’t like to be here on my own now. And if I am I keep the door open with a chair. I never believed in ghosts, but I’m not so sure now.”

Colleague Emma Butler said her computer disk drawer had popped open, even when the machine had been switched off. And she said a glass, which had been placed well away from the edge of the fridge, had smashed to the ground.

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