Monday, June 16, 2014

Ghost haunts Michigan Harbor Lighthouse (video)

Ghost stories…we tell them around campfires to awe and entertain. But for those who’ve experienced the truly eerie, they cease to be tales and become haunting reality. The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse is home to its own restless spirit, a young girl who’s been seen staring out the tower window.

“Once we began doing tours up there, strange things began happening, at least the reports from some of our folks giving the tours, to include the imagery, for example, of a young girl looking out the window; another image seen of a young girl on the catwalk,” maritime historian Fred Stonehouse said. “These were seen by different tour folks, under different conditions. Whether they’re seeing something real or something of their imagination, of course, we have no way of knowing.”

“It’s a little girl; her name is Jessie,” Marquette Maritime Museum assistant director Taylor Adams said. “She’s got red hair and green eyes and she’s barefoot. She wears a little Sunday-best dress, looks about from the 1910s or so.”

The little girl’s presence is made all the more eerie by the fact that there is no recorded death of a girl at the lighthouse.

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