Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ghostly Lady in White seen in Illinois elevator (video)

ROCKFORD, Ill. (CNN) -- Police responded to a call about a mysterious woman in white spotted on an elevator that was seen moving with no one inside.

The strange sighting happened across the street from a well-known haunt famous for its ghosts.

"Coronado in the elevator," was what came over the scanner. "It just keeps going up and down, in the elevator. Unknown if they're stuck or what's going on."

It's a call that baffled even Rockford Police Officers at first.

It was a woman looking for answers as to why this elevator in a Rockford parking garage kept going up and down.

It's what always happened, but last week, something different prompted a police call: a mysterious passenger was on board.

"She can see through the glass was to be a person wearing all white inside the elevator," a witness said.
And the sighting happened outside of a notoriously spooky spot: the Coronado Theater.

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