Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zak Baggans of Ghost Adventures buys Indiana Demon Home


Four days after The Indianapolis Star broke a story about a mother who told public officials she was possessed by demons, the home in which she and her family once lived was purchased for $35,000.

Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel, offered Wednesday to purchase the home on Carolina Street in Gary, part of a media frenzy that enveloped many of those connected to the case.

Media outlets in more than a dozen countries have clamored for interviews with Latoya Ammons, her family and others mentioned in The Star's report. The article chronicled Ammons' description of strange occurrences involving her and her three children — and the government's response.

Her tale spurred a series of exorcisms that a priest claims were the first authorized by the current bishop of the Catholic Church's Diocese of Gary.

The fervor over Ammons' claims took nearly everyone closest to the situation by surprise.

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