Saturday, November 2, 2013

Does the ghost of the Lady in Pink roam this Ohio courthouse (video)

Unexplained sights and sounds chill the bones for those who believe that spirits roam the halls of some of Ohio's old county courthouses.

Murder in the courtroom is said to be the reason the "Lady in Pink" walks the hallways of the Wayne County Courthouse in Wooster.

Common Pleas Court Administrator James Fox has always been skeptical - until he saw "something" on the security camera. "I look at the monitor and sure enough just right down the hall from where I was standing there was a figure in a reddish, pinkish hue just right down the hall. I looked down the hall and nobody's there, and I look back at the screen and there is definitely a figure," Fox said.

There are stories of the freight elevator that operates by key only, opening unexpectedly, and cleaning carts moving by themselves. "We've had cleaning people who've actually retired, resigned as a result. Part of that is probably just being in incredibly, creepy hundred-plus year old building at one in the morning," according to Fox.

Some of the stories may have originated when the interior of the building was being renovated in 1999 and construction crews working third shift reported seeing strange things, including ghosts.

A new renovation project will start soon on the outside of the building, but Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Wiest is not too concerned about stirring up any more ghosts.

You can count him as one of the skeptics. But if he did encounter the Lady in Pink, Wiest said: "I'd run like hell, because even though I'm a non believer, I'm not taking any chances."


Source: WKYC 3 Ohio

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