Thursday, September 6, 2012

The haunted couch of Waco, Texas. (news video)

(KCEN) -- If a pipe breaks you call a plumber,  if your car breaks down you take it to a mechanic, so who do you call if you think your house is haunted? 

One store is actually selling what they believe is a haunted piece of furniture.

Consignment Furniture in Waco has a couch from the 50's they say erased information from a computer and possibly even caused a death.

When it comes to paranormal activity, there are two types of people, believers and skeptics.
Dean McNeil is a believer.

"My close friend of 30 years, he passed away not long after we took in the couch, it's a bad luck couch," says McNeil co-owner of Consignment Furniture.

He believes this sofa, with three cushions and six legs, is more than just that.

So he brought in the McLennan County Paranormal Investigators to see if they could answer some questions.

Investigator Mike Jacobus says, "If it's bullet holes in the back bullets could be there, someone could have been murdered on this couch and their spirit has become attached to it for what ever reason."

The team set up cameras in the store over night to hopefully see some haunted activity.

But there might have been some during a conversation with Mike. 

He was standing in front of the couch when he yells, "Ow!" claiming something stuck him in the leg.
But the investigators say they heard a growling noise last night. 

"There is something back there."

As for Dean he just hopes someone will take the couch  off his hands.

"There is no way you are putting that in my house."

So if you're looking to buy the haunted couch, you might want to bring your check book because it's standing price is $3,000. 



I call bullshit.

Unknown said...

If they really want to get rid of they need to lower that 3000 asking price to like 50 bucks!

Unknown said...

Today is July the 7th 2017 this couch made our local news so the store still has it somebody offered them the $3,000 and they wouldn't take it I think it's just a hoax to get people in there to look at their store if they really wanted to get get rid of it they would have took his offer of $3,000