Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Haunted building was once a brothel (video)

The Earl Francis Apartments, a quaint historic building in central El Paso was once a hotel built in 1925 with it's name etched in stone.

Joe Nebhan bought the building in 2000 and was told that during prohibition, in the 1920s and 30s, it was also a brothel. Some of his tenants say ghosts or spirits linger.

 "In fact I have never seen anything, I've had occasional reports from my tenants," Nebhan said.

"I had bought the building and just received the keys to enter into the basement and I came into the room where I'm at right now and I stood right over there. It was a hot day, about the middle of September and all of a sudden it got icy cold.I mean I got a chill and I have old buildings around the city and I've never had that happen before."

Nebhan's daughter used to live at the Earl Francis apartments.

"Right after she moved in for several nights in a row, they would close the windows and in the morning when she gets up they were all open," said Nebhan.

Nebhan, a history buff, tried to research the Earl Francis but to no avail, could he find any records.

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