Monday, June 10, 2013

Dybbuk Box for sale on Ebay from the Ebay buyer

I like to check out ebay and see what people are selling, the interesting ones are the items that are haunted. It seems that people used the word "haunted" very loosely and will throw the word on anything they can to make a sale. And unfortunately there's a sucker born every minute.

But this one actually has a good background story and pictures. So maybe it really is a "Dybbuk Box", or the seller went out of his way to tell a story. Either way it's selling.

Here is the description and story regarding this item, and pictures added below.

This is a Dybbuk Box. I purchased it about five months ago from someone off eBay who claimed the box was "pure evil". I had no intention of opening the box, but much to my horror, the lock busted open in shipping. Seeing that the box was already open, I figured I might as well see what the contents are; There was a lot of old Jewelry with the initials R.H.C. (the original owner figured out the name of the dybbuk through his research, and I will reveal the name to the winner), very old pictures of different places, little jewelry pins, and a few pocket knifes.  The interior of the box is very interesting as well, it has two hidden drawers, and upon further inspection of the box I realized it used to be a music box!  I believe the previous owner had such a negative experience with the box because he admitted to breaking the box open and damaging parts of it. When I received the box, I did some EVP recordings that had little success, however, I found when you touch the box and interact with it, things begin to happen. As I was in the process of restoring the box, I was bending over my work bench, and I received a swift, painful KICK IN MY BACK!!! I nearly fell over. I was not very happy about this and  four days later I decided to seal the box with wax, which is the traditional method of sealing a dybbuk. After I had sealed the box I felt a strange euphoria, and I gave the box a happy pat and left the room. Upon returning to the room, it smelled completely of Jasmine, and I have nothing in my room that would generate that scent. Most recently, my room had been STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (seen in the pictures) right where I had placed the dybbuk box!!! Everything in my room was cast aside and knocked over, except for my three reptile cages, as if the events were controlled and happening around them. After this event, I moved the box to the garage. A few days later, I took pictures of the box in my garage and left very quickly and immediately got into my car to run some errands. However, it took ten minutes to start the car and I have never had problems with it before. This morning I went out to my car and found that all the windows were rolled down and my wallet was in a different place in my house. I don't necessarily believe this box is "evil" because I have done a fair amount of reading on Dybbuks, and found that they have their OWN AGENDAS, and they create these events to let their keepers know that their agenda is taking them elsewhere now. For obvious reasons, no returns whatsoever. Only ships within USA

Source: Ebay


Stylus Canada said...

Where is the box now.

Glenda Horn said...

Is this box up for sale again somewhere??

Crispy Muffin said...

I want it

Jhony Lawrence said...

i want it too

Rick Cranford said...

I want this box, no matter what. I can guarantee that it will not be returned, no matter what. Please respond

E.B. Stalter said...

Keep looking up this type of item on sites like Ebay,..they pop up all the time. BB=ut buyer,..beware