Sunday, May 3, 2015

Turn your home into a Haunted House (video)

You're home alone. It's the dead of night and all of the lights are off; you creep down the hallway with one hand dragging along the wall, your phone serving as a makeshift flashlight. You hear a young girl's voice whisper from the bedroom in front of you and the hair on the back of your neck stands up straight. You pause. Your heart pounds. A dull ringing assaults your ears. You creep forward, holding the phone higher, when suddenly -- a high-pitched shriek as your phone's light starts rapidly flashing and a deformed, undead monster barrels down the hallway directly toward you. You drop your phone. Game over.

That's basically the premise of Night Terrors, an in-development, augmented reality game for mobile devices that maps out the entirety of your house and fills it with terrifying creatures, turning a home into a real-life survival-horror game. It's currently looking for $70,000 on Indiegogo -- developers say they've already created a system that understands spatial elements such as walls and complex floorplans, and they're using physical special effects rather than CGI. It sounds like an innovative and truly horrifying project, even as its narrative plays off of an overused gaming conceit: Save the girl and be the hero. That's so close to being cliche, it's scary.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Ghost doctor" caught on camera lurking in a derelict hospital

A terrified ghost hunter probing a 'haunted' derelict hospital was horrified to see the spectral figure of a doctor lurking in one of her pics.

Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, was exploring the empty corridors of St Thomas's Hospital, a former Victorian workhouse, in Stockport, when she took eerie photo.

The decorator was so unnerved by spooky footsteps above them - even though the building has no working stairs - that she and her team of amateur ghost-busters didn't check the image at the time.

The paranormal enthusiasts ran from the building in terror, but when Ms brown developed the photo later she found a chilling surprise - a spectral doctor lurking in the background.

She said to The Sun: "It freaked me out.

"It's standing in a lift shaft. It's really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards the area where the ghost was.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Could this new footage captured by a tourist be Nessie? (video)

THOUSANDS of tourists flock to Loch Ness every year hoping to see the elusive monster - or even better - get a photograph of it.

So when a black hump emerged from the dark waters of Britain's biggest loch, as Connie Ross and her daughter Reyshell Avellanoza were taking pictures, the opportunity was too good to miss.

But the pair were so mesmerised for those vital few seconds, their chance of capturing a rare close-up image of the Nessie phenomenon, was gone.

Instead, they filmed the aftermath as the mysterious object sank to just below the surface and moved away into the loch, leaving behind a perfect circle of disturbed water.

It was 29 year old Reyshell's first visit to Scotland, having flown over from the Philipines with her five year old daughter, Heather Elizabeth, to visit her stepfather, 73 year old retired architect Campbell Ross and her mother and Campbell's wife, Consuela (50).

Or, could this video be of the Loch Ness Monster?

No trip to the Highlands would be complete without a tour of Urquhart Castle and the chance to see the loch's shy occupant.

Connie said: "Campbell drove us down to the loch last Tuesday. He stayed in the car park, and my daughter and granddaughter walked down to go round the Castle and then take pictures by the loch-side.

"It was about 1.30pm in the afternoon and I had my still camera. Reyshell had her tablet and we were taking pictures when Heather pointed out something in the water.

"She said it looked like a big black belly. We looked and could see this big disturbance quite a way out and this big black object in the middle of it.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Witnesses see a crazy fast UFO over NYC

Red Object spotted over NYC sky
The truth is out there — and it’s hovering over The Bronx.

A mysterious light in the sky so freaked out some Hunts Points residents that they called authorities to report their only possible explanation: the arrival of aliens from outer space.

A “flying spaceship” is moving swiftly over East 149th Street and the Bruckner Expressway, one terrified woman told a 911 operator Saturday night, according to an FDNY source.

Juan Marrero said he, too, had a close encounter.

“I look up and see this fireball, ‘Whoosh!’ and then another, ‘Whoosh!’ ” said Marrero, 57, a pigeon fancier who was on the roof of his building at 11:30 p.m. when he saw two bright lights streaking across the sky. “From one side of the sky to the other, too fast for an airplane.”

Andres Morales, 25, said he also saw the speedy orb — and did his best to document his out-of-this-world experience.

“I stuck my hand out the car window and snapped like crazy,” he told The Post. “I don’t know what it was but it was moving crazy fast.”

It’s not the first time locals have said extraterrestrial immigrants boogied down from another galaxy to check out the neighborhood. Unusual lights in the sky were seen in the same area last year, and also in 2011, according to self-described “UFO journalist” Ryan Sprague.

“I definitely think we’re dealing with anomalies that could potentially be nonhuman,” Sprague said.
East 149th Street is close to La Guardia Airport, which could lead to “misidentifications,” Sprague conceded, though he said witnesses should not be discounted.

Those who saw the orb on Saturday, and the one last May, echoed the same description — a light that “just sort of hovered, stationary, and then shot off in the blink of an eye,” he stressed.

“The maneuvers these objects seem to be making don’t fit with any current technology that we’re aware of,” Sprague said.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Ghost of Exit 82 on NJ's Garden State Parkway

Perhaps it's apropos that in our fast moving, highly mobile state, many of our most notable ghosts are seen hanging out at the side of the road, where it is said that they met their untimely demise. These roadside apparitions have been witnessed by countless motorists over the course of several generations. They seem to be content to wander their own stretch of paranormal pavement year in and year out, eternally reenacting their final living moments here on this Earth.

So could a road as legendary as New Jersey's famed Garden State Parkway not have a highway haunting associated with it? No way! Unexplainable encounters and close calls around Exit 82 at Route 37 in Toms River are attributed locally to the "Parkway Phantom." Ever since the completion of the Parkway in 1955, people have reported seeing a person trying to cross the road, waving his arms. This Phantom appears only at night and only around an eight-mile stretch in the vicinity of Toms River Barracks of the New Jersey State Police. The apparition is described as being very tall with a long topcoat belted at the waist. The strangest thing about this apparition is the way he waves his arms, which is synchronously, both bending from the elbow. It has been described as looking like a strange football cheer. Although the State Police are reluctant to comment, a former state trooper admitted that that section of the highway has seen more than its fair share of auto accidents.

Weird NJ readers share their stories of the Parkway Phantom:

We all work as paramedics in Ocean County, and we see a lot of fatal accidents. About five years ago, on a rainy night along the spot on the Parkway where it is also Route 9, there was a guy whose car broke down on the curve. He pulled off to the side and began to walk along the shoulder when a driver hit him, throwing him into the woods and killing him.

When the paramedics got there they knew someone had been hit, but due to the darkness and rain they could not find him. They finally did and tried to revive him, but it was too late. Several weeks later the same medic crew was coming back from Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood, heading toward Toms River, when they saw someone on the side of the road waving them down. By the time they were able to pull over and back up to the spot the man was gone, but they noticed it was in the same spot where the man was hit only weeks before. They just blew off the event until..........

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