Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fitness Coach claims a ghosts threw his camera and then made it's presence known (video)

A fitness coach was left 'freaked out' after he claimed a poltergeist threw his camera across the cabin of a WWII plane before the spirit of the female co-pilot appeared as a white 'angel's feather'.

In the first of two spine-tingling videos, Tony Ferguson asks whatever is haunting the former military seaplane to make itself known before a series of loud bangs echo through the empty cabin. 

When the 33-year-old asked again for the entity to show itself, Mr Ferguson's camera – which had also been experiencing interference often associated with paranormal activity – was hurled to the ground.

Tony Ferguson first experienced paranormal activity on the plane in October 2017. He asks whatever is haunting the seaplane to make itself known before a series of loud bangs echo through the empty cabin

Mr Ferguson, speaking to a seemingly empty cabin, asks the entity to show itself. As he does so, his camera experiences interference, which experts say is associated with paranormal activity

Monday, March 19, 2018

Man films ghost disappearing into a wall (video)

Eerie footage has emerged showing a ghostly figure of a woman wearing what looks like a dress and heels before she disappears through a wall.

A personal trainer has captured spine-tingling footage of what he believes to be the ghost of Admiral Nelson’s wife aboard the HMS Victory.

Tony Ferguson captured the spine-tingling footage of what he believes to be the ghost of Admiral Nelson’s wife aboard the HMS Victory.

The 33-year-old was enjoying a day out last week exploring the vessel, which was Lord Nelson’s flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar, when he started to feel like someone – or something – was following him.

“I arrived at the HMS Victory first thing in the morning and I knew I had the whole upper chamber to myself but I kept feeling like someone was following me,” he said.

“I got out my camera and as I panned around the camera picked up this woman in a dress.”

Mysterious Creature washed ashore in Georgia

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. - A mysterious sea creature washed ashore in St. Simons Island and it has beachgoers scratching their heads.

Jeff Warren and his son were at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge just north of St. Simons Island in Georgia Friday when they came upon the creature on a barrier island.

Warren thought it was a dead seal, but said when he got a closer look it resembled more of the Loch Ness monster.

Warren sent the photo to News4Jax and said the creature was about 4 to 5 feet long with two fins, though only one can be seen in the picture. 

The creature has little teeth about one-eighth of an inch long.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Municipal Building in Gettysburg has some spooky things going on at night (video)

GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- "It almost sounds like somebody's walking upstairs, and I'm not the only one whose experienced that," said Gettysburg Police Chief Joe Doughtery.

The Gettysburg Municipal Building was initially constructed in the 1800’s as the Adam’s County Prison. Criminals died within its walls and Civil War soldiers just outside.

Inside the Gettysburg Municipal Building, curious happenings late at night.

Phantom footsteps, doors mysteriously closing, and an aroma without a source.

"It smells like just a faint whiff, as if someone had been cooking chili, and I’m usually one of the first ones in in the morning like 530,6 o’clock, and I know that there was nobody there doing it," explained Chief Doughtery.

Those strange experiences have been shared by a number of Gettysburg police officers over the years.

“It happens so often I don’t even think about it anymore. We don’t even think about it anymore," said Doughtery.

Chief Dougherty’s been with the force for more than a decade.

One night sits clear as day in his mind.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

10 ways to summon a spirit, but personally "Hell no,I'm not gonna do it"

So I grew up watching horror shows like Ssshhhh...someone's there etc. These shows used to scare the hell out of me, so much so that I feared to go inside loo at midnight. But at the same time, there was something inside me that used to get entertained by that fear. I used to wonder about the moment if some night even I have a faceoff with a Ghost.

A childhood friend of mine also used to have the same feeling. One day me, her and all the mates while having our tuition classes took the Maths book out of our bag, placed our finger on it jointly and starting speaking the chant (we seriously believed that in this way we’ll be able to attract the spirits but because we are so innocent children they won’t harm us). What happened next? The God was in the mood of having fun with us. LOL.