Friday, November 21, 2014

People claim a ghost lives in a Ohio auditorium (video)

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) -  Last Monday, WYTV 33 News anchor Stan Boney toured Powers Auditorium in downtown Youngstown.
During the visit, he was told that a ghost can often be felt throughout the building. His name is Roy and his spirit can be traced back to a Saturday in 1969. Terry Fetchet has felt him.

Fetchet has spent most of his life working in theaters, including 20 years at Powers Auditorium, with the last eight years spent as operations manager. Set off to the side of the stage is what is called a ghost light. It is to make sure no one falls off the stage, but it also has a secondary purpose.

“We always say that the ghosts don’t like to be in the dark as well, so every theater, wherever you go, has one,” Fetchet said.

So if there is a ghost light at Powers Auditorium, does that mean the theater has a ghost?

“Yeah actually, Roy, who died I think in 1966 on stage. And he floats around,” Fetchet said.

Fetchet had two of the three facts right. There was a man named Roy who died on stage, but it was on Sept. 6, 1969. Newspaper reports at the time said his name was Roy E. Dennis, 36, of Belmont, W. Va.

In February 1968, what was then the Warner Theater was closed. A $250,000 donation by Edward Powers saved the theater from demolition, but before it could reopen an extensive renovation was undertaken. Two weeks before opening night was when Roy Dennis was killed.

“He fell from the grid, which is 75 feet in the air, and plummeted on stage,” Fetchet said.

Two companies were working on the renovation and neither would claim Roy Dennis as an employee. Someone one the scene said “I don’t know what he was doing there,” according to a newspaper article.
But Fetchet said Roy has never left. Read Full Story: WYTV 33 OHIO

Thursday, November 20, 2014

15 Of The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In The World (video)

Exploring the unknown is great for a number of reasons. Not only do we allow our minds and imaginations to explore beyond the thoughts of every day life, but we are openly challenged to critically think and keep an open mind to possibility. I believe that exercising our minds in this manner can help us stay open and excited about the mysteries of our world and encourage us to continue to explore.

What It Means To Be Skeptical

It almost seems to be common place today to consider skepticism as being scientific. Science as a means of exploration is a beautiful thing as it is, but the culture that has developed around science and skepticism, I believe, is doing us a great disservice. That statement alone is controversial and will likely raise feathers and this I feel is part of the issue. Don’t get me wrong, skepticism is OK, and important, but it must not get to the point of closing doors.

We have an amazing world here, and to explore it scientifically is a necessary part of us figuring out where we are and where we can go. But the biggest thing we need to watch out for is cutting down our potential by means of plopping “logical” explanations on things we think we understand but don’t. Likewise, we also must carefully navigate scientific bias and recognize how common it truly is.

Recently one of the world’s biggest skeptics, Michael Shermer, had what he called a supernatural or paranormal experience that “shook his skepticism.” Perhaps it was an experience that can almost send a wake up call to remind us to be humble in what we think we know, especially when we hear the stories of others. For years, Michael had laughed at and considered crazy those who claimed so deeply to have had paranormal experiences or something they couldn’t explain. Finally he had his own experience and he could now relate.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Abandoned Rhode Island Factory still haunted (video)

Paranormal researcher Thomas D'Agostino has spent three decades hunting the dead. He shares with ABC6 News why an old clothing factory site in Foster, is the most active place he's ever been.

The Ramtail Factory site was officially listed as haunted in 1885 by the Rhode Island Census. This following the death of one of the clothing mills owners, Peleg Walker, and the subsequent noises and eerie sitings that came after.

Thomas D'Agostino believes Walker's spirit still surrounds the site because of the mystery of how he died. D'Agostino has investigated over a thousand haunted areas in New England, but there's something about Foster's old Ramtail Factory that draws him in.

"This area is very active. There's a lot of energy here and it doesn't seem to be going away," D'Agostino said.

It's about a five minute walk into the woods off Ramtail Road, before you reach the site of where the wool factory used to stand. In the early 1800's, this area was home to a village. Today, it's desolate.

D'Agostino described one experience, "I was out here with a friend and we saw a glowing form that was moving about the trees where the factory would have been."

D'Agostino says Peleg Walker married into the Potter family and became a partner in the clothing factory business. When negotiations soured in 1822, Walker is said to have hung himself from the bell rope he rang to signal a shift change. After his death, many villagers claimed the bell kept ringing.

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Read Full story: ABC 6